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Our Story

Founded in 2023 by Sam and Kate Milne, Larrabee Lager Company is a 10-year dream come true. Sam's passion for beer and homebrewing came about while he attended Western Washington University. In 2013 he moved back to Bellingham to pursue a career in the beer industry where he was hired as a keg washer at Kulshan Brewing Company and worked his way up to Head Brewer in the five years he was there. In 2018 Sam was awarded the Glen Falconer Brewing scholarship to attend Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich. The opportunity to travel around the world and study beer, especially lager, at two of the most prestigious brewing schools in the world was magical, inspirational, and educational.


Upon Sam's return, he was hired by Brick West Brewing Company, a startup in Spokane, to help design, build, and operate the new brewery. After two years of helping to launch the company, history repeated itself, yet again, as Sam and Kate returned to Bellingham in 2021 to follow their dream and to accomplish the goal they set out for 10 years ago: opening their own brewery.

Built on Traditions, not Trends

There are so many wonderful things about brewing; the alchemy of turning pure water, freshly malted barley, choicest hops, and harnessed microbiology into beer. Yet a process this magical takes more than just keystone raw materials. Whether a beautifully polished kettle, whirling packaging lines, or simply a hungry cow fed sustainably with spent barley, each element requires dedication, thoughtful attention, creativity, and passion to nurture a product – from grain to glass – that consistently exceeds the highest expectations.

At Larrabee Lager Company our brewing focus favors tradition, and our products are inspired by the centuries of lager brewing history throughout the world. Brewing exemplary lager is a highly technical process, and our purpose-built brewhouse has been specially designed and engineered to produce lager-style beers with precision and consistency. While many craft brewers flaunt their dry hop rates and adjunct pastry stouts, we’re thrilled to throw out terms like Kräusening, decoction, and spunding. Our craft beer lineup will include traditional offerings such as Pilsner, Dunkel and Helles, but also the occasional Cold Ipa and… (gasp) a few ales: Kolsch, Hefeweizen and Gose.


At Larrabee Lager Company we believe a great lager beer should follow tradition, not trends. We made every effort to infuse this philosophy into our company, creating a brand that values timeless and familiar old-world charm and pays homage to centuries of lager brewing that came before us. Managing a brewery, just like any other business, takes passion, dedication, and support to succeed. Ultimately, Larrabee Lager Company aims to establish an accountable and community-oriented business in Bellingham for those who have pledged their support. A mathematics degree isn’t required to see that beer + pizza + friends =  fun. So please, grab a liter of fresh, cold and delicious lager and join us for the journey… PROST!


Our Mission

At Larrabee Lager Company our mission is to create a world-class product and experience, capable of enriching our community and supporting its members by promoting diversity, sustainability, education, and local networking.

Our communal-style beer hall and outdoor beer garden, inspired by traditional European brewing cultures, encourages laughter, thoughtful discussion, and newfound friendships. As leaders in our community and the brewing industry, our goal is to create long-lasting relationships, accountability, and viable community growth.

An education-based approach to customer service provides unique learning opportunities during each visit. As a central element to our service philosophy, educational opportunities create not only heightened process and product awareness, but also a highly memorable experience.

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